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In addition to the range of forensic DNA consulting services that are managed by Dr. Spence, SFR maintains close associations with highly qualified experts with specialties in other technological areas. A listing of these associations is provided on this web page.

Criminal defense attorneys and citizens concerned with falsely accused loved ones should explore the services offered by Forensic Defense Strategies, LLC (FDS). This remarkable company has emerged as a valuable, innovative criminal defense resource. FDS is effectively assisting attorneys by improving their fundamental understanding of a wide-spectrum of forensic disciplines. FDS will enlist specialized consulting services from qualified forensic experts. FDS has embraced a comprehensive, case-by-case review strategy centering on the forensic evidence and scientific data while assimilating the perspective of each defense attorney.


/ DNA Laboratory Services - Independent Forensics (IFI)

/ DNA Laboratory Services - Chromosomal Laboratories, Inc

/ Forensic Defense Consultants- Forensic Defense Strategies, LLC

/ Crime Scene & Blood Spatter Pattern Analysis - Louis L. Akin

/ Criminal Defense Investigator- Felix Moran

/ Forensic Mathematician - Dr. Charles Brenner

/ Visual Exhibits For Trials - ET Design

/ Forensic Products and Training - Arrowhead Forensics

SFR HAS--and will continue to--partner with these qualified valuable resources as part of our goal to meet ALL of your analytical needs.


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