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There is NO COST associated with requesting our assistance.

STEP 1: In order to get started, SFR needs you to E-MAIL the following basic info to our address: (Alternatively, you may call 575-640-2360)

  • First and last name of the accused.

  • Criminal charge or charges.

  • Jurisdiction of this case--within which city, county, state will future proceedings be held?

  • If this is a federal case, please let us know.

  • Has a public defender been assigned, ....perhaps a private attorney or investigator?

  • If so, provide the name any affiliations of this person (John Doe, Attorney at Law, Smith County Public Defender in the state of ....?)

  • Is there an additional e-mail address or phone number through which SFR can exchange info about the case?

  • If so, include this information in your e-mail to:

For now, your work is complete. Please be assured that SFR will work to move your defense initiative forward.

STEP 2: SFR will assist with compelling the prosecution to provide all documents for an effective case file review. At this stage, it is an enormous advantage to have a legal representative on the defense team. A defense attorney can motion the Court to approve of funding for your DNA expert. This funding eliminates the need for the accused to cover the costs of evaluating the complicated scientific evidence. A Court-approved MOTION FOR DISCOVERY allows your DNA expert to access, review, and QUESTION any flawed crime lab results. Finally, a Court-approved motion will cover any testimony costs-if needed-from your DNA expert. These legal motions can only be filed through the initiatives of a qualified attorney. Legal professionals are encouraged to click on TRIAL PREPARATION in order to review the many mechanisms by which SFR will assist with these processes.

STEP 3: Once SFR has access to all of the biological/DNA discovery documents, we will take it from there. The documents will be thoroughly scrutinized. The scientific findings will be shared with the defense team. The impact on the circumstances of your case will be assessed.


“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.”-–Aristotle


For professionals working within the criminal justice system, ….please continue by selecting the links provided below and reviewing the information relevant to services provided by SFR:

TRIAL PREPARATION: Review of case documents & scientific data, understanding DNA transfer events, & interpretation of DNA mixtures.


SFR will assist legal professionals and concerned private citizens with locating and connecting with DEFENSE INVESTIGATORS AND TRIAL STRATEGISTS IN EVERY U.S. STATE.

SFR will assist individuals with connecting to ORGANIZATIONS dedicated to providing assistance for the falsely accused.

SFR will assist with your case by monitoring/observing procedures conducted during forensic analysis or re-analysis of biological/DNA evidence items. It is important to note, however, that SFR is strictly a consulting firm, rather than a forensic biology/DNA testing laboratory.

SFR will participate in post-conviction review of biological/DNA cases. This process involves examination of case item inventories, chain of custody documents, and other supporting materials. On occasion, Dr. Spence has worked on a pro bono basis--preparing affidavits requesting post-conviction retesting of DNA evidence.

SFR will examine and verify the accuracy of various types of parentage/relationship DNA testing results. This can include a detailed review of the data used to generate and compare DNA profiles from individuals or simple allelic profile comparisons for evidence of genetic relationships.

SFR will assist a forensic biology unit within a crime laboratory. This assistance includes consulting on issues relevant to the laboratory accreditation or external audit processes. This service includes an exhaustive review of lab documents and/or an internal audit site visit.


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